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In the last five years
I lost both of my parents
Death of my father
Still difficult to withstand
Death of my mother
Feels like my structure is gone
I'm like an orphan
Standing completely alone
Don't feel old enough
Trudging forward on my own
A new grandmother
At the age of thirty nine
He's such a cutie
I feel like he is my son
My son is eighteen
And leaving home for college
So hard to let go
I want to freeze time
And relive it all again
I'm thankful for life
And the memories I hold
Gathering courage
Trying to face the next step
Writing in my blog
Channeling in a Haiku
Is like therapy

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My Heart House in Yoville

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My year in status updates on facebook....

✓ is watching Rocky IV.

✓ is wondering how to upload photos from her iPhone?

✓ is playing with her iPhone

✓ still hasn't taken the tree down. Or the lights. It shall be done this weekend. :)

✓ is at the movies...waiting to see Yes Man

✓ saw Yes Man. Pretty funny

✓ is forcing herself to bed. Monday beckons...

✓ is at La Parilla :)

✓ is working.

✓ ................

✓ is planning Rickey's lil birthday party tonight. Happy Birthday Sweetie! :)

✓ is.

✓ is waiting....waiting on the world to change

✓ is going to watch HGTV.

✓ is ☺☺☺
✓ is going to workout to Billy Blanks Boot Camp.

✓ is rushing to bed. Monday again.

✓ is getting back to work.

✓ is trying to motivate herself to exercise.

✓ is wide awake...

✓ is busy.

✓ and Rickey are brainstorming...

✓ is starting season one of Lost.

✓ is up but not at 'em.

✓ is glad the weekend has finally arrived. Happy Friday!

✓ is.

✓ is embarking on the second season of Lost. Not my typical type of show , but I must say it's pretty good. :)

✓ is heading to bed.

✓ is working.

✓ is done working for the day and going to watch Lost.

✓ has finished working for the day and going to watch Lost.

✓ is already ready for the weekend.

✓ is up and at them.

✓ has finished season 2 of Lost and now to embark on season 3. :)

✓ is thinking about starting another small business.

✓ is off to watch LOST. :) my latest addiction...

✓ is going night-night.

✓ is thinking of going for a walk.

✓ has now finished the 3rd season of LOST. :)

✓ is.

✓ wishes for infinite wishes.

✓ is preparing for a challenging meeting with a client.

✓ takes the status update far too seriously. She has sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of what to put. :)

✓ is offa here. g'night

✓ says hey to everyone. :)

✓ loves the pink heart pillow and throw Rckey got me from Target. :)

✓ loves the pink heart pillow and throw Rickey got me from Target. :)

✓ is wondering where her comments went. There were three about my heart pillow and they went away

✓ is still not sleepy.

✓ just heard that it may snow on Tuesday. :) Pleeeeease snooooow.


✓ is glad February's bills are taken care of. Now on to March.

✓ is.

✓ is watching the last few episodes of LOST and will be completely caught up with the new season. :)

✓ is really, really, really bored right about now.

✓ is editing her personal info because I just found myself on a search online and I don't like it.

✓ loves her family.

✓ is looking into twitter.

✓ is LOL at tp:// ed

✓ is so ready for the weekend.

✓ is prolly going to go see "He's Just Not That Into You"

✓ is starting to think she just might be addicted to facebook..

✓ is not believing she just saw a swiffer commercial with Human League's "Don't you want me baby?" as the theme song. NooooOooo.

✓ is going night-night.

✓ is loving this weather! Sunny and warm

✓ had a good day. :)

✓ just installed the iHandy Level app on her phone. LOL

✓ just installed the iHandy Level app on her phone. giggle.

✓ is...

✓ is wondering if anyone has tried any acai berry products and what do you think about them?

✓ can't figure the whole Joaquin Phoenix thing out...if this is a hoax or what?!

✓ can't figure the whole Joaquin Phoenix thing out...if this is a hoax or what??

✓ is freezing all over again. It's in the 30s...brrrr.

✓ can't wait to go to Savannah

✓ is grateful

✓ is already depressed that Monday's coming again soon.

✓ appreciates her friends on facebook. :)

✓ is going to Ringling Bros Barnum Bailey Circus :)

✓ is glad to be home.

✓ decided to tune into the Oscars.

✓ is thankful for her friends and family.

✓ is going beddy-bye.

✓ is excited about Savannah.

✓ is greeting Wednesday.

✓ is not believing Ben did that to John on LOST. Also, very ready for some clarity!

✓ is enjoying this beautiful sunny day in Savannah


✓ is driving home in the rain and snow

✓ is about 30 minutes from home and the roads are getting worse

✓ is HOME! :)

✓ is getting back to work.

✓ is thinking she should go to bed right about now, but won't.

✓ is :)

✓ doesn't have time to think of a witty status update so she wrote this instead.

✓ loves Rickey. I know...sooo high school :)

✓ is more confused and comelled than ever to watch LOST.

✓ is more confused and compelled than ever to watch LOST.

✓ is lamenting that the only place open to shop after 10:00pm is Wal-Mart. :(

✓ had the opportunity to join live cult last week in Savannah.

✓ wishes everyone Happy Saturday. :)

✓ is waving bye to that hour.

✓ is saying her goodbyes to that hour.

✓ and Rickey are taking a drive to check out the location Halloween 2 is being filmed.

✓ is so very wide awake. Time change not helping.

✓ is trying to wake up.

✓ is awake and greeting Thursday.

✓ is getting annoyed at her internet issues over the last 2 days.

✓ is so ready for the weekend! :)

✓ is feeling completely indifferent about the homepage change.

✓ wishes everyone a Happy Sunday. :)

✓ hopes we all (this means you, too) have a great week. Happy Monday!

✓ is going to go find something green.

✓ Shari pinched Rickey today. ;)

✓ says hey. :)

✓ hasn't gotten used to the new layout and wishes they would just change it back.

✓ just realized she forgot to watch LOST.

✓ wishes her son, Dylan a verry Happy Birthday! I love you.

✓ wishes her son, Dylan, a verryy Happy Birthday! I love you. :)

✓ wishes her son, Dylan, a verry Happy Birthday! I love you. :)

✓ just met Rob Zombie. For real

✓ wishes everybody a beautiful first official day of spring. :)

✓ loves

✓ is sleepy. Zzzzzz

✓ is finally catching up on LOST

✓ is going to Piedmont College in Athens to see Dylan's chorus perfomance.

✓ and Rickey are going to have lunch with Jason.

✓ feels like she has that weather mood depression thing.

✓ is thinking of going to a movie.

✓ has laptop, will play on facebook.

✓ is pleased to see the Sun poking out today. :)

✓ needs to make plans for spring break.

✓ is pulling herself offa here. goodNIGHT! :)

✓ just remembered... LOST tonight. :)

✓ really wishes there was a better place to shop other than Walmart after 10:00. Seriously.

✓ is at the DMV. Yuck

✓ is....

✓ is going to Gainesville college to walk the nature trail and track

✓ is amused that Prince has the sound removed on any and all videos on youtube featuring him. Even covering him. What's even funnier is the angry comments people make about it when they try to listen.

✓ is wide awake and full of energy. Maybe 'cause I slept so late.

✓ thanks God for his blessings.

✓ :)

✓ is a little concerned about the weather heading our way from Tennessee.

✓ hopes the worst has passed. Tornado warning expired- now under watch.

✓ is watching inTreatment

✓ keeps feeling like today is Sunday

✓ spent the afternoon at the Tennessee Aquarium. Pretty fun. :)

✓ Happy Easter!

✓ is getting ready for Monday.

✓ is considering a rare cup of coffee. NAhhh.

✓ actually took the coat off of her ABcoaster and worked out on it! :)

✓ woke up about 4:40 and can't sleep.

✓ is enjoying the sunshine soooo much. :)

✓ is up.

✓ is wearing flip flops today. Beautiful day!

✓ is watching a Tyler Perry movie- Why Did I Get Married

✓ is wondering what to go do today.

✓ is going to the movies...thinking 17 with Matthew Perry


✓ is psyching up for Monday.

✓ is thinking of a strategy for Tuesday.

✓ is going beddy-bye.

✓ took a break, now back to work.

✓ is headin' down the Atlanta Highway. Literally

✓ just remembered....LOST!! :)

✓ It's a beeyoutifull day in the neighborhood. :)

✓ just got back from the longest 3 mile trek she's ever endured. Had no idea it was going to be sooooooooo steep.

✓ is going to go snuggle with Rickey and watch TV. Goodnight. :)

✓ is grateful.

✓ just got back from a nice little hike.

✓ is going night-night.

✓ wooooooooooooooorking.

✓ just got up. Good morning. :)

✓ is helping Dylan with Romeo and Juliet.

✓ is making her weekly announcement now: LOST tonight! :)

✓ is feeling like this week sort of flew

✓ Happy Friday!

✓ wants to know why she is wide awake.

✓ is so glad to access facebook from a boring awards event. Why can't we leave now that Dylan's name has been called? :D

✓ Happy Tuesday.

✓ is bored

✓ hates it when typos in a message sort of come across as if you actually thought the word or phrase was supposed to be spelled or said that way.

✓ is at TACOMAC. mmmmm

✓ is going to be so very busy over the summer

✓ is off to beddy-BYE!

✓ is focused.

✓ has the house to herself.

✓ Happy Mother's Day! :)

✓ had a nice day. :)

✓ went to bed around midnight-woke up at 3:45 and can't go back to sleep. :(

✓ is just getting started. Watch out world

✓ has to get up early tomorrow...driving out of state.

✓ didn't go out of town after all.

✓ had a long day.

✓ is waking up.

✓ dropped her iPhone today-completely cracked the screen- and had to buy a new phone. My 3rd one.

✓ is grateful.

✓ is functioning (sort of) on four hours of sleep.

✓ feels much better today.

✓ is going to try taking three steps forward instead of two. Going the distance.

✓ just sold her iPhone with the cracked screen on ebay for the exact same money it cost her to buy a new one. True story.

✓ is going at it again.

✓ is happy.

✓ is proud of Dylan. All A's!

✓ I'm thinking about a movie. Maybe.

✓ is wondering who all is twittering.

✓ thinks you should get on twitter in addition to facebook.

✓ is listening to Dylan play James Taylor's Fire and Rain on the guitar. He's doing an absolute awesome job at it, I must say.

✓ ¡¡uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ oʇ ʍoɥ pǝuɹɐǝl ʇsnɾ

dn sı ʎɐʍ ɥɔıɥʍ ƃuıɹǝpuoʍ sı

✓ believes that with God all things are possible. ALL.

✓ is actually spending less time on the internet. Wonder if this is just a phase? yeahhh

✓ is enjoying the thunder.

✓ is suffering through Terminator Salvation.

✓ wonders what's going on with Joaquin Phoenix...

✓ can't think of a decent status update, so here's this one.

✓ hopes today goes as well as she hopes.

✓has an announcement......*drum roll* My son and daughter-in-law are having their first baby in January! :) I've known for a little while, but they just announced it on fb, so now I can share the news, too. This means I am going to be a very young GRANDmot

✓ is happy to be home.

✓ is gonna go find some fun.

✓ wonders why in world fb is suggesting to add people I don't even have any mutual friends with... huh? Um..."hello_____, would you confirm me as a friend? Facebook recommended you." yeah, no thanks.

✓ has her fingers crossed about the rain this weekend.

✓ is going to the pool with Dylan. Lovin' summer.

✓ is on a SEPHORA high.

✓ just brought home some wholesome food from Whole Foods.

✓ is bored. Time to find a silly quiz to take. Or two.

✓ It's just another manic Monday...

✓ had a good conversation with her mama tonight...talking into the wee those. :)

✓ what to do...what to do...

✓ is trying to decide if the fact that my hair smells like a Jolly Rancher from the hair product I just put on, is a good thing.

✓ is up just a teensy bit late.

✓ wants some guesses on the photo she just posted.

✓ is deleting Farmtown. Belonging to both Farmtown and Farmville makes me not want to belong to either.

✓ has a l

✓ can't believe school is starting a week from Monday.

✓ survived a 7 hour road trip, through heavy rain and dangerous driving conditions, only to be rear-ended just as we were turning into our subdivision. Very, very grateful it wasn't more serious, though.

✓ has a chirping cricket that has recently taken up residence in my house. We can't find it; it quits chirping whenever we try. I've now accepted it and am envisioning camping in the woods as I drift off to sleep the last two nights. :)

✓ has to keep checking on my strawberries. I want some more neighbors! If you are on farmtown, move to farmville. The avatars are prettier. :)

✓ swears this is the last update about farmville, but... (1) Thanks for giving me the pig, Cheryl. (2) I actually googled how to cheat on farmville. Yes, I did. (3) I will NOT use paypal or a credit card to play this game to add aesthetics and keep up with the Jones'

✓ has some facebook catching up to accomplish.

✓ listening to Dylan play guitar. He's awesome.

✓ is taking her own facebook survey: How do you pronounce the vowel sound in HORRible and HORRor movie..? Like hAHRibble as in ahhh... or hORrible as in horse. "you say tomato- I say tomahto."

✓ just learned how to wake up Lady Gaga.

✓ is thinking of going to see The Time Traveler's Wife tonight. Before reading the book, which I've heard is excellent.

✓ is becoming annoyed with facebook repeatedly suggesting the same friend suggestions. Over and over and over. And over.

✓ is is is is............

✓ Jason and Ashley just found out they are having a baby boy. :)

✓ is listening to a thunderstorm.

✓ is the only one awake and on facebook. The only one.

✓ has officially updated her status.

✓ has officially updated her status.

✓ doesn't want to grow up. I'm a Toys-R-Us kid.

September ✓ X is reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

✓ put fuel money on farmville. I'm a sellout.

✓ thinks the moon and the sky look amazingly beautiful tonight.

✓ ...ʎɐpoʇ ɹǝʇ1ıʞ-ɟɟo ʇıq ǝǝʍ ɐ s1ǝǝɟ
✓ Happy Saturday.

✓ actually took the weekend off for a change.

✓ Happy Day without Labor. :)

✓ ...

✓ is reluctantly crouched at the starting line...

✓ is becoming addicted to yoville. I get to play dress-up and decorate my house. And shop.

✓ My back yard is slowly, but surely, turning into a lake.

✓ wants to know what You would do for a Klondike Bar.

✓ just caught autumn fever! :)

✓ I'm helping my son get ready for the homecoming dance. :)

✓ hasn't done anything today...and I've enjoyed every minute. :)

✓ Happy Monday.

✓ and now on to Tuesday... :)

✓ is grateful.

✓ went to bed at a respectable hour, but eventually developed a case of insomnia and is still very much awake.

✓ is thankful.

✓ Dylan was accepted into the National Honor Society. :) *beams*

✓ Happeee Halloween! :)


✓ :)

✓ just got back from watching Michael Jackson- THIS IS IT. It was a nice glimpse into the intense and genuine passion he put into performing. That concert was going to be amazing... Amazing.

✓ ¿¿¿noʎ oʇ ɟɟo ɯǝǝs ƃuıɥʇʎuɐ sǝop˙˙˙ɯɯɯɯɥ ˙sʇɹos ɟo ʇno ǝlʇʇıl ɐ ƃuılǝǝɟ sı

✓ found it hard, its hard to find. Oh well, whatever, nevermind...

✓ looooves the new fall stuff on farmville. :)

✓ so yoville has been undergoing maintenance *meaning adding new stuff :)* and saying to check back in five minutes for the last hour now. Hurry up yoville. :P

✓ since it's after midnight...Happy Thursday! :)

✓ my brother put this as his status update today: "Wasn't it already Monday like a week or so ago?? This is a little ridiculous don't you think?!" *giggle*

✓ 38 days until Christmas?? 2009 has absolutely flown by. It's a blur.

✓ I miss so many things on here now that facebook has changed the format. Was hoping they'd get such a backlash that they would change it back, but apparently no such luck.

✓ is at the movies waiting for New Moon to start. Team Edward.

✓ ....

✓ Tomorrow, Facebook will start using your photos in ads that will appear on the profile page of your contacts. If you want to prevent this, go to Settings > Privacy Settings> News Feed and Wall > Facebook Ads *left tab up top* > Choose "No one" and Save changes. Copy this and use in a status update to spread the word!

✓ Happy Monday. :)

✓ I'm thankful....

✓ don't magnify your problem...magnify your God. -Joel Osteen.


✓ Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is soooo delightful... :)

✓ :)

✓ is going to play Rock Band! Good times. :)

✓ Merry Christmas! :)

✓ loves and appreciates her family and all her facebook friends . Hope you have a Merry Christmas. God Bless. :)

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my farm on farmville :)

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"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
-- Winston Churchill

Monday, October 26, 2009

My baby, Dylan, (15 year old baby) was recently invited to apply to become a member of the National Honor Society and found out today that he was accepted. :) Being invited is an honor, but it is still not a guarantee that you will be accepted as a member. The application is very lengthy and filled with many standards for acceptance. His older brother, Jason, was accepted at this age and Dylan wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps. He is very excited. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Two- cheesy, yet perfectly good names for a band or song title are:

Wasted Potential (gotta notice the play on words here) and

Scattered Focus

Friday, September 04, 2009

Today I went to get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed; something I very rarely do. I usually do them myself, but they were in need of being manicured and I thought they would benefit from a professional doing them. You know, someone who does them everyday as part of their PROFESSION? So I was telling the lady I like them to be left as thick as possible, NOT thin. She said "Yes, I just clean them up". Soooo? Not only are they too thin, one of them is HIGHER than the other one!!!!
Rickey and Dylan assure me it isn't noticeable, especially since I wear bangs.
It looks like I'm slightly raising my frickin' eyebrow!
Try not too giggle too hard...

OH - But my toes look cute, though. :)

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First attempt ever at growing anything. Actually, it's Rickey's baby, but I'll happily get to indulge in the fruit of his labor. Tomato is a fruit, right? ;)